Romance on the Reef

Most times when we think of visiting a Caribbean island with someone special, we think of relaxing at secluded properties, taking sunset cruisesor going off the beaten path to find our own discoveries. Well, on Spice Island Grenada you’re afforded all of this and more.  Now, you can say the words ‘I Do’ beneath the warm blue Caribbean Sea.  Yes, that is correct. You can actually get married underwater in Grenada.  We simply call it ‘Romance on the Reef.’

Most couples imagine tying the knot in a church, on a white sandy beach or sometimes even with the backdrop of a tropical garden. 

Well beginning this year, the Flamboyant Hotel & Villas otherwise known as Grenada’s Ultimate Dive Resort coupled with Dive Grenada thought that a splash of creativity would provide couples with an even more memorable adventure of a lifetime.

Just imagine your pastor with an underwater slate and pencil and having the most amazing sea creatures as witnesses to such a memorable event.  There is no need to worry about securing the venue, purchasing an expensive cake or having the event spoiled by the rain or as we say in Grenada; our liquid sunshine.  You will never be bothered by any wedding crashers or having to wait on the arrival of that special person as you both dive in together.

Remember, the best destination weddings are those with flairs of local creativity at a place that has much to be enjoyed.  While you’re here, sail the west coast, visit the underwater sculptures, sample our spicy cuisine and indulge in the authentic culture.  In your spare time, take the ferry to the sister isle of Carriacou and Petite Martinique; the 2 tiny islands where time literally stands still.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you want to tie the knot or rekindle the flame, the Spice Islands of the Caribbean is the perfect place to do it.

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